Day #1: Revitalize your face with Vitamin E

Day # 1

It's our first day of an intense beauty routine. So this time we will give our face and neck a touch of vitamin E

Perhaps you have heard of this vitamin in different occasions, or at least know more than 5 personal care products where it is present as a protagonist or in combination with other important ingredients.

Without further ado this is a mask, homemade, low cost, is something like a home spa. And the best part is that you will not use any acid or very aggressive product that affects our skin.


- 1 capsule of vitamin E. *
- Middle ripe bananas. **
- 1/4 cup light cream. ***


-With the help of a fork, mash the banana until a consistency like cream or mashed; preventing large chunks remain.

- Then add the cream and continue stirring until well blended.

- Finally deposits the contents of the capsule in the mixture.

- With your face clean and free of any residue of makeup, creams, soap and even water, it's time to apply ourselves the mask.

- If you have inside your curiosities fan brush to which not even find a useful application, use it to apply the mask evenly all over your face. Since this brush will allow us to expand more evenly on the face without touching with our hands a little dirty .. At the end you can wash the brush and not be ruined. Otherwise, sanitize or wash your hands well before touching your face.

-You can even spread the mixture to the neck, as it also needs some hydration.

- After 15 or 20 min. you can remove the mask. And follow your normal routine of face washing, but this time you will feel and look more fresh, smooth and even.

* You can find the capsules of vitamin E, also with the name of Tocopherol or Tocopheryl. From the information that I could investigate there is a difference between Tecoferol and Tocopheryl, and this is the first instant absorption. Its sale is free in different establishments like health food stores or department.

** Ripe banana acts as a skin moisturizer. And in this condition is used for various nourishing creams.

*** The light cream is cream or milk greasers. You can find it in many markets and various brands such as: Nestle, Oakhurst, 

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