12 Days - 12 Beauty Tips :)

  These days are a go and see endless between gifts, bows, clothes, toys, special, inns, dining and exchanges.

We leave work and go running home to get ready hurried because
have dinner with coworkers, we have a pre-Christmas dinner with the family or in the worst case we have to be the host.

Whatever the case we are hurried, no matter how organized we are, something we always leave at the end is the care, relaxation and pampering of our body. If it is once a year but we get stressed more than another month and everything in excess hurts us, we must carry out all at a calm rhythm without injure us.

That's why I decided to share with you for 12 days, 12 beauty tips for lighter arrival of Christmas day.

So Welcome...!! 

Day #3.
Day #4.
Day #5.
Day #6.
Day #7.
Day #8.
Day #9.
Day #10.
Day #11.
Day #12.

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2 Respuestas & Commentarios:

Mie Nielsen dijo...

UUH i am excited for this.. i know i need the help :P

Monserrath R.// monseroath777 dijo...

Welcome Mie... I hope u enjoy this 12 days of intense beauty.

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