Review: Lip gloss Applicator

Hi everyone, so today I bringing to you a review about the applicator from the lip glosses....
I want to talk about their pros and cons, and in my personal opinion my favorites and my experience with them...

So, let's get started :)

Sponge: As you can see in the photo is an applicator that can be found in most of the lipgloss for more expensive or cheap they are. It is one of the most famous and most used in the world of makeup. If you don't believe, go check your makeup collection I swear that you have more of these, than any other. Why?? Because the brands only sell us the product or formula, in others cases the bottle design... But what happens with the applicator? It's there, the same thinly sponge like always (LOL)... And I think, that this it's the most cheap applicator, that why we have a lot of this.

+Give us a good amount of product.
+It is soft to the touch with our lips.

+According to their shape provides a good distribution with the product.


-Many times it is very hard, because it's composed mostly of plastic and fabric.
-After some time of use smells weird, when we never wash the sponge or when it's combined with another product.
-On the part of sponge, incubates bacteria because they do not wash, do not ventilate.And it could infect the product because it has direct contact with him.
-We must be extremely careful when lending to someone else, because we may get an infection.
-If our lips were already painted previously, we must be careful because we could stain the sponge and occasionally does not remove

* Note: Each application or on occasion clean sponge with a paper towel or wash with soap and water. Let it dry and re-enter the container.

VERDICT :: 2 ** 5 *****.

Brush: Here is a little more stylized brush, is 100% synthetic, soft-bristled in most of the time are tranparent. It provides a uniform distribution of the product and like the lip brush (like the single one), we can apply the product and make it look more filled our lips with a good outline.


+ As I mentioned, which gives us the facility to give shape to our lips for a more precise outline.
+ It gives us a good amount of product for distribution on the lips.
+It keeps odors.
Not much product is returned to the container, and thanks to the bristles can apply all the product on our lips, without wasting.


-Do not always have this presentation in the lipgloss.
-Sometimes it is of excellent quality and begin to loosen with use, the bristles

VERDICT: 4 **** 5 *****

Spatula: This applicator is a little weird and some brands you can find themBut like the other two give you precision, you get a moderate amount of product and uniform distributionIt's a bit more flexible but not enough to break.


+ It is easy to apply, perfectly distributes the product.
+ Cleaning is extremely easy, as it has no bristles and if you apply it to some other personcan be cleaned before returning it to the container.
+ It keeps odors and debris from skin chapped lips.

-Not all brands they handle.
-If you are not careful or not of good quality may break.

VERDICT: 4 **** 5 *****

Other applied, ranging externally and are a little more hygienic ...

Squeeze: They come in a cream containerand do not have direct contact with the product. The product exits through an opening, which is the same applicator, which you can clean as often as you want.
It is most excellent. 5 ***** 5 *****

Roll-on: A small ball of plastic or metalwhich spread the product on the lips. 
Although thisby turning in all directions to provide us product does not allow dead skin particules comefrom our lips, but the bacteria can enter as it is not entirely external.
4 **** 5 *****

Brush (external):brush, which lowers the product and we can apply directly on our lips. It is easy to clean and has no direct contact with the product itself. 5 ***** of 5 **

Personally my favorite is the applicator spatula, for it is easy to clean and apply the productperfectly. And my external presentation is to Squeeze, because there is no direct contactwith the product.

And for those who make up on different people, they are more useful and we are not contaminating  our product.

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