The 80's Brush

A few weeks ago my uncle and I, we were cleaning out the drawers of my grandmotherbecause we were looking for a cream for her.

And we found a lot of  things, when She working in Avon as a consultant. He worked for Mexico and the United States. And we find many things like: Anniversary Pins, brushes, makeup,anniversary clocks and etc ... This Avon USA.

But what more full of joy I find was a brush to eyelids with a pin of 1982 ... And some other notes of that year. ( 30 years ago)

My uncle gave it to me because he knows that I love makeup and He said: "Take this weird thing and share it at internet, before it falls apart over the years here."

This brush so you could buy in the catalog of Mexico, came in a thin transparent plastic package.

So I leave a picture of the brush. And his description.

* It is natural bristle..
* Very similar to that actual brushes for the lips.
* It does not end in a point is a bit flatter.
* The handle is plastic.
* It was supposed to apply shadow on the eyelids.

I think I'll have to try it, having if it works and then tell them more.

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