Fall Fail Makeup

(This is just my personal opinion).

I've been looking for months ago, makeup trends for fall.
But on some occasions to explore and try new colors is not everything. That's why I've collected several images that I have been looking on the internet, which I did not like.

Orange Lips: There are different shades on the market that have been launched in spring.But color is not everything, you have to know how to choose the tone orange fence withour skin tone and make us look good.
In this case, the skin is very pale and the color orange is too fluorescent. It reminds me ofthe 80's, but I think you should take care of tonality.

Smokey Eyes: There are many versions of this look that is here to stay. But some are not the most ideal.

And this is not a good version.

Spider Lashes: They make your eyes look brighter and larger. And for a casual look make us look different and tasteful as:

Twiggy Pixie

Kim Kardashian 


But not like this:

Too much mascara, and our lashes do not look defined. Rather have too many lumps and go in one direction.

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