My Brows growing :)

I have about 9 months using this product, when I remembered I used it and lasted for weeks without touching. But since February I started using it daily, every time I makeup,comb my eyebrows and apply a light coat of the product in areas where I want it grows a little more eyebrow begins to be born a new form.
Actually I have only the problem in my right eyebrow is lower than the left, is a bit less crowded and if you notice the difference between the two.

That's  looks like my eyebrow in june 2011, You see the difference in the height and shape..

(Sorry for the quality, cellphone camera)

September 2011

(Sorry for the quality, cellphone camera)

January 2012
Here the arch point it's a little bit more higher, the begin brow  more fuller and the shape more define.

March 2012
Left (Looks good with a nice shape, maybe this is not the best angle of the photo... but I like it)
Right (A little bit solved the problem)

My Holly Grail:
Brow Enhancing Serum by Anastasia Beverly Hills

This presentation it's no longer available. 
New presentation retail $45 USD.

*Apply this product in every hour of the day, specially without makeup for better skin absorption.
*Apply daily for better results.
*Makes your brows grow with a better apparency.
*More fuller looking with a health alternative.

I give  Awesome product, with perfect results.

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