Modern Kabuki Unique Gifts For The Holidays

Today's I receive an amazing email from NARS, 
where they show the new collections or gifts special for the season... 

I see deferents articles  but only one call my attention. 
The Nagauta Kabuki Brush Set :)
So rare and so beautiful. Judge by yourself....

Product Story

NARS interprets the artistry of kabuki theater makeup with a luxury, limited edition brush set for the modern woman. The collection features a diverse, multi-use range of sleek, black-matte brushes with precision-cut, dense natural hair bristles for rich and seamless color application. Brushes are housed in a sleek keepsake wooden ‘bento’ box with a dramatic red lacquer interior. (Powered by NARS)

Nice and gorgeous shapes, the brushes body are awesome and kind of deferents.
The price is $225.00 

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2 Respuestas & Commentarios:

Eugenia dijo...

Those brushes look so awesome!

Monserrath dijo...

@Eugenia.. I know are awesome kind weird 'cause no are the typical brushes. But are so cute.

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