Non Make-up Tools

Sometimes we use utensils that are not specific area in which we took a little advantage.Personally, I love having a strict hygienic with my makeup tools and cosmetics. But equally, when I take any items that may not specifically for makeup, I incorporate into this area and do not use it somewhere else, to avoid contaminating the rest of my make-up (a littledrastic, but so you save some accidents. ) But all is not a focus of infection.

Glue stick:  If you read well ...!! The glue stick is a useful tool as we refer to makeup as we provide benefits and utilitiesFor example, since we are in the time of Halloween and Day of the Dead festivities have too many costumes or go trick or treating at houses, we should well characterized. 

And for that we use the glue stick? .. Well the benefit is that we can hide our eyebrows perfectly and gives us a totally shaved look. To achieve the desired effect is a matter of technique and practice.

It serves not only to hide eyebrow, men can hide in a not very bushy mustache or beard a little, but as I mentioned above is a matter of technique and practice.
A tip that you'll do is always helpful to apply the glue on the skin clean and free of creams and / or makeup.

Tape: So that we could use the tape. It's actually a useful tool to achieve perfect lines in a more elaborate makeup. We can achieve a perfect finish on the lid using tape, we facilitate theuse the angle from the tip of the nose at the end of the eyebrow without failure calculation.For looks Arab, is elementary and not everyone has a pulse as accurate or good practice.

For something more that we use the tape, is to avoid staining or pigment under the eyearea when using loose powder or glitter. For those who do not have much practice to useliquid eyeliner and make the perfect wing, the tape gives us extra support for a perfect stroke.

A good recommendation is use a tape that does not have much adhesive to make it easyto remove and does not irritate the skin, leaving no waste and that is not too wide.

Liquid latex: For certain characterizations or when we need glue rhinestones to complement fantasymakeup, we need to use liquid latexBut not all we can get easily, but what many do not know is that the glue on false eyelashes is only non-toxic liquid latex.

So the next time, requiring her make some fake nose or just a beautiful stone jewelry,always have glue eyelashes.

Hair spray: We always read the warnings on the packaging of hair spray, to avoid contact with eyes.But this time, I will give you a tip on how to adhere glitter on the eyelid, using spray.

The first is to test for any allergic reaction. (Following step 2 and 3)
Second, is to clean our index or middle finger, with which we apply the glitter.
Third, after having eyelid makeup. put a few drops of spray in our fingers, blow to dry a bitand then add it to the specific area on the eyelid.
Fourth, apply with a brush or with the same finger, the glitter and ready.

when the spray dries it becomes a bit sticky and long lasting, the smell of alcohol isvolatilized and that is why it is not so dangerous place it close to our eyes. But always be careful when doing this.

Spoon and needle: No sound familiar if these two elements, which are perhaps far from being an essential tool of makeup.
First, the spoon is a basic element for those who love long lashes look with good volumeand shape, but in addition they fear hurt or ruin your makeup with the curl of eyelashes. Thecurl of eyelashes is one piece, which is responsible for making pressure on the eyelashes to give it some volume, but what happens with this piece is that often meets mascara and eyeliner residues, and this stain makeup , and at other times is too sharp to cut theeyelashes or pinch the eyelid.
The spoon with good management, provides a better volume to the eyelashes (no matter how short that they are), does not pinch (as you do the pesion with your finger) and it is easy to clean.
The needle, in turn serves to separate the lashes. If you read well separated. In too manyand countless occasions when applying the best and most expensive mascara, this leavesresidues or lumps that board too our eyelashes or brush bristles widely separated this hasleft a good finish. The usefulness of the needle, as opposed to comb eyelashes, is that we can separate eyelash for eyelash and get a beautiful look. We have too much care, precision.


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