Advance Techniques Damage Repair by Avon

               Hello sweetness! I've been preparing this review for some time and it is time to publish.Since last March I noticed that my hair had been growing a little faster than usual, but also had some problems with their appearance and it looked very dull in texture and was very rough and thin. And I decided to buy a product they had used previously, Avon line of hair treatments Advance Techniques Repair Split Ends, this green line. But oh! disappointmentwas not enough and decided to purchase the Damage Repair (the blue line).

            The results were instantaneaos, my hair was a noticeable change in the first 2weeks. Since the touch was a little softer and already had a different brightness in the areaof the tips. I cut the ends at the end of March so that looks a little healthier as I had two weddings in the first weeks of April.

            To this day I carry 3 bottles empty, and I will change the new Pruducts of the collection is 3D Repair Damage which restores damaged hair 2 years by the heat of the plate, drying and / or lakes.

Price: Mexico costs about $ 60.00 pesos and Avon USA $ 8.00 USD. 4 / 5 points
Results: Visible, quickly and gets better over the weeks of continuous use. 4 / 5 points.
Quantity: Pack containing 30ml, which lasts around 1 to 1 1 / 2 months. In each daily application only uses 10 to 15 drops. 5 / 5 points.
Smell and consistency: As smell is pleasant, is similar to the essence of all products from Advance Techniques line and does not last long. Its consistency is semi-liquid and is not sticky or greasy, so that leaves hair shiny and smooth. 5 / 5 points.

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