GARNIeR Roll-on Anti-dark circles

GARNIeR, recently launched the line of roll-on massager with caffeine, which is a  treatment for the eye area. Which counteracts the appearance of tired eyes (either sleeping, sleeplessness, lack of moisture or high concentration of purple pigmentation / red / green or blue), as with the help of metal roll on massages the area which providing a feeling of relaxation and activation of the circulation in that area and as cold effect both the content and the cold metal, helps reduce swelling of the bags that form beneath the eyes.

"Not only will cover your dark circles and imperfections better fight them (: and win the battle."
Monserrat! *

With the above and enriched with caffeine and natural assets (pro-vitamin B5) grades are obtained benefits. But besides this line is incorporated into another product based on this, which brings us to the above benefits of the gel but the excellent addition of mineral pigments which provide coverage, color and appearance of dark circles 0.

This product you can find it in 2 shades:
1 .--average fair skin
2 .- medium skin - dark.

I consider it a good product, it serves well, is long lasting, it gives a good appearance and feeling of freshness, works in 80% or more, is not greasy (excellent point and in its favor), the price is affordable (and you get a quality product with good amount) and in terms of expiry should be used in a maximum period not to 6 months (but personally I think it lasts longer). I've used both products, but the truth I prefer the concealer  as you get 2 benefits in one product and it has worked great.

There is also the men's version which is slightly more effective as other products for men. Since they have a thicker skin.

Tip: * If you want the appearance of maximum coverage concealer Use it before your favorite, as well prolong the duration and cover the imperfections.

 * Apply after your primer or moisturize. If you do not apply these products no problem since it adheres well to the skin and is long lasting by itself.

* Apply starting with the tear extending to the termination of the eye, the length and width of your dark circles.

* You can seal it with a little translucent powder or with your foundation.

* Keep them in a cool, personally I would leave overnight in the refrigerator for a more effective cooling effect and cooling sensation

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BlueVanilla dijo...

Good to know! I have wondered about these!

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monseroath777 dijo...

Thanks for the comment; (: and yeah it's a great drugstore product I love it ...

Cami dijo...

i love your blog. i followed you. please check out my blog and follow if you like. thanks.

Monserrath dijo...

Oh thanks Cami for follow me I hope u enjoyed .. u welcome (:
And yes I go to check out your blog. xoxo

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